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[texts]Atari Software 1984
Atari Software 1984
Keywords: game; disk; program; graphics; entertainment; documentation; rating; hardware; error; atari; error handling; game depth; game concept; skill involved; machine hardware; vendor support; visual appeal; basic hardware; disk drive; machine language
Downloads: 1,986
[texts]Machine Language for Beginners

Keywords: program; basic; address; hex; bytes; appendix; memory; lda; byte; addressing; vic micromon; simple assembler; addressing mode; mnemonics opcode; status flags; machine language; basic program; mode mnemonics; opcode size; instruction set
Downloads: 1,781
[texts]The Atari Users Encyclopedia
The Atari Users Encyclopedia
Keywords: atari; program; basic; data; disk; computer; memory; file; graphics; atari basic; atari computer; atari program; machine language; basic program; operating system; disk drive; computer enthusiasts; source program; enter basic
Downloads: 1,343
[texts]Atari Users Encyclopedia, The (1984)(The Book Company)

Keywords: atari; program; basic; disk; memory; graphics; computer; data; atari basic; file; computer enthusiasts; source program; atari computer; operating system; atari program; disk drive; basic program; machine language; enter basic
Downloads: 1,008
[texts]101 Atari Computer Programming Tips & Tricks
A nice book on programming the Atari computer
Keywords: atari computer programming retro
Downloads: 1,008
[texts]Book of Atari Software 1984
Book of Atari Software 1984
Keywords: game; disk; program; graphics; documentation; rating; atari; error; hardware; handling; error handling; game concept; skill involved; game depth; machine hardware; visual appeal; vendor support; basic hardware; machine language; atari basic
Downloads: 865
[texts]The Blue Book
The Blue Book
Keywords: atari; program; bluebook; disk; requires; cassette; basic; computer; programs; math; blue book; requires atari; atari basic; basic language; disk drive; atari joystick; machine language; data tape; language cartridge; language arts
Downloads: 641
Keywords: atari; computer; ram; cpu; console; rom; figure; test; screen; pwr; pwr supp; power supply; ceramic axial; main main; data bus; computer console; cpu board; address bus; trace circuit; top cover
Downloads: 603 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Atari BASIC Source Book, The (1983)(COMPUTE! Publications)

Keywords: lda; jsr; sta; statement; ldy; stack; variable; syn; code; byte; execute expression; lda sta; source code; statement table; atari basic; execution control; argument stack; set equ; floating point; runtime stack
Downloads: 529
[texts]Book of Atari Software 1983, The (1983)(The Book Company)

Keywords: game; disk; program; graphics; documentation; rating; atari; entertainment; error; hardware; basic hardware; atari basic; error handling; visual appeal; game concept; vendor support; machine hardware; game depth; skill involved; disk drive
Downloads: 527
[texts]COMPUTE's Third Book of Atari (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)

Keywords: poke; data; inv; gosub; atari; atascii; goto; program; data data; graphics; super textplot; keyboard code; machine language; programming hints; character set; atari character; advanced techniques; operating system; basic program
Downloads: 504
[texts]The Analog Compendium (1983) (A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing)

Keywords: data; lda; sta; goto; jsr; gosub; poke; program; lda sta; disk; tom hudson; vertical blank; sta lda; sector number; checksum data; jsr flipit; disk tool; clc adc; machine language
Downloads: 476
[texts]Your Atari Computer (1982)(McGraw-Hill)

Keywords: program; print; atari; statement; display; graphics; input; file; disk; atari computer; disk drive; display screen; graphics mode; disk operating; operating system; program recorder; print statement; dos menu; display list
Downloads: 407
[texts]Atari Calculator Manual

Keywords: stp; program; enter; memory; square; cubic; display; location; programming; stack; type comments; program counter; memory location; stack display; programming instructions; scroll area; screen display; address location; stp stp; type stack
Downloads: 354
[texts]Your Atari Computer XL Edition (1982)(McGraw-Hill)

Keywords: program; atari; print; statement; display; graphics; file; input; disk; atari computer; disk drive; display screen; graphics mode; disk operating; operating system; program recorder; dos menu; print statement; display list
Downloads: 331
[texts]Advanced Programming Techniques for the Atari
a book on programming the atari computer
Keywords: atari computer programming retro
Downloads: 317
[texts]The Second Book of Machine Language

Keywords: lda; lads; code; byte; label; bytes; program; source; atari; sta; main loop; format opcode; source code; lads object; object code; special notes; seventh bit; apple lads; machine language; main input
Downloads: 305
[texts]FORTH on the Atari Learning by Using (1982)(ELCOMP Publishing)

Keywords: fig; dup; word; stack; curs; afb; scr; loop; atari; address; rot rot; return stack; top numbers; double precision; rot dup; codefield address; mailing list; game port; dup rot; parameter field
Downloads: 296
[texts]ABCs of Atari Computers (1984) (Datamost)

Keywords: atari; program; data; disk; memory; bytes; byte; basic; poke; file; atari computers; atari dos; machine language; character set; atari computer; basic program; atari basic; operating system; microsoft basic; disk drive
Downloads: 292
[texts]Atari Program Exchange Catalog (Fall 1983)
Atari Program Exchange Catalog (Fall 1983)
Keywords: atari; program; diskette; order; basic; ram; apx; joystick; media; requires; price order; media ram; ram price; atari basic; basic language; requires atari; language cartridge; review comments; joystick controller; machine language
Downloads: 274
[texts]Creative Atari, The (1983)(Creative Computing Press)

Keywords: atari; graphics; poke; color; memory; data; program; display; display list; disk; machine language; display block; display memory; scan lines; character set; color register; operating system; atari basic
Downloads: 267
[texts]Mapping the Atari (1985)(COMPUTE! Publications)

Keywords: poke; atari; screen; bytes; graphics; location; locations; byte; mode; color; floating point; entry point; display list; character set; machine language; appendix twelve; graphics modes; graphics mode; text window; memory map
Downloads: 262
[texts]Best of ANTIC Anthology, The (1983)(ANTIC Publishing)

Keywords: poke; goto; data; graphics; program; screen; sound; atari; turtle graphics; mode; systems guide; vertical blank; display list; bonus games; graphics mode; character set; operating system; typo table; scan lines
Downloads: 248
[texts]Atari 800XL Field Service Manual
Atari 800XL Field Service Manual
Keywords: pin; manual; data; bus; antic; rom; computer; cpu; field; atari; service manual; field service; pin assignments; computer field; sooxl computer; power supply; data bus; address bus; replace defective; parts list
Downloads: 234
[texts]The Software Finder
The Software Finder
Keywords: apple; pract; skills; tutorial; disk; pet; software; game; drill; math; skills pract; rote drill; pract skills; apple pet; computl tool; tutorial tutorial; apple atari; apple cbm; cbm pet; reports student
Downloads: 233
[texts]ACTION Reference Manual

Keywords: byte; proc; program; variable; string; editor; loop; compiler; pointer; array; data type; card func; byte func; byte array; message area; fundamental data; default channel; data types; options menu; variable declaration
Downloads: 233
[texts]Atari Assembler, The (1981)(Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: program; memory; accumulator; language; instruction; loop; hex; debug; byte; decimal; carry bit; memory locations; machine language; processor status; memory location; language program; status register; bne loop; assembly language; basic program
Downloads: 229
[texts]Users Handbook to the Atari (1983)(Weber Systems)

Keywords: atari; statement; program; color; graphics; data; disk; file; character; basic; atari basic; open statement; graphics mode; graphics modes; disk drive; color register; reference guide; print statement; basic reference; color statement
Downloads: 224
[texts]The Concise Atari ST 6800 Programmer's Reference Guide - Katherine D. Peel
Katherine D. Peel The Concise Atari ST 6800 Programmer's Reference Guide Glentop Press Ltd. 1986 Acrobat 7 Pdf 14.1 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Computing; Hardware; TOS; GEM BIOS; BDOS; VDI; GEM AES; Joystick; Blitter; Line-A
Downloads: 220
[texts]COMPUTE's Atari Collection Vol 2 (1985)(COMPUTE! Publications)

Keywords: data; poke; goto; gosub; color; graphics; return; program; data data; chapter; data dictionary; tion tion; return return; posi posi; machine language; net worth; poke scr; poke poke; basic program
Downloads: 214
[texts]Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design (1984)(Arrays)

Keywords: lda; sta; graphics; screen; missile; byte; color; player; bne; data; vertical blank; screen memory; display list; arcade techniques; character set; advanced arcade; color register; missile graphics; player missile; assembly language
Downloads: 212
[texts]Action Toolkit

Keywords: proc; array; routines; toolkit; real; routine; allows; procedure; data; pointer; routine allows; real pointer; procedure allows; horizontal position; vertical position; byte array; real variable; real number; toolkit ver; single character
Downloads: 207
[texts]101 Programming Surprises and Tricks for Your Atari Computer
101 Programming Surprises and Tricks for Your Atari Computer
Keywords: print; poke; position; goto; gosub; sound; setcolor; data; program; return program; print print; space bar; return key; arrow shoot; magic square; russian roulette; roach race; print rprint; super wumpus
Downloads: 207
[texts]InfoWorlds Essential Guide to Atari
InfoWorlds Essential Guide to Atari
Keywords: atari; program; computer; disk; software; programs; data; screen; printer; basic; atari computer; disk drive; atari computers; suggested list; error handling; computer enthusiasts; system requirements; light pen; atari basic; monkey wrench
Downloads: 207
[texts]An Atari 8-bit Extra (1987) (Analog Computing)

Keywords: data; poke; position; goto; analog; return; atari; gosub; analog computing; lda; byte array; basic editor; data data; display list; extra analog; tracking computer; return proc; computing atari; rem xxxxxx
Downloads: 207
[texts]Adventures with the Atari (1984) (Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: goto; print; program; gosub; player; data; poke; ctrl; adventure; adventures; memory location; esc ctrl; graphic adventures; program checks; interactive adventures; time crime; character set; computer adventure; inverse ctrl; mad bomber
Downloads: 191
[texts]Anatomy of the Atari ST - K. Gerits, L. Englisch & R. Bruckmann
K. Gerits, L. Englisch & R. Bruckmann Anatomy of the Atari ST ( Atari ST Internals ) First Publishing Ltd 1985 Acrobat 7 Pdf 17.9 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Computer; Atari ST; 68000; 68901; 6850; MIDI; MFP; ACIA; YM2149
Downloads: 190
[texts]Atari Games and Recreations (1982)(Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: print; program; goto; graphics; color; plot; atari; gosub; atari basic; input; basic skills; text window; print print; fine art; guessing games; data data; logic games; len lindsay
Downloads: 188
[texts]Programming Your Atari Computer (1983)(TAB Books)

Keywords: program; binary; data; computer; atari; input; decimal; print; decimal number; basic; binary numbers; function returns; operating system; binary number; return key; boolean algebra; number system; machine language; graphics mode
Downloads: 187
[texts]APX20102 - Atari Pascal Language System manual
APX20102 - Atari Pascal Language System manual
Keywords: file; pascal; atari; procedure; variable; program; var; type; data; string; atari pascal; window variable; pascal language; procedure procedure; language system; ucsd pascal; main program; iso standard; include file; file variable
Downloads: 187
[texts]Computes First Book of Atari
Computes First Book of Atari
Keywords: program; atari; graphics; print; variable; color; basic; poke; byte; atari basic; machine language; personal computer; horizontal position; graphics mode; color register; graphics modes; string variable; variable names; scan lines
Downloads: 180
[texts]Atari System Reference Manual
Atari System Reference Manual
Keywords: byte; mode; graphics; bytes; screen; player; data; disk; color; command; floating point; game paddle; display list; antic mode; serial port; horizontal position; player collisions; graphics collisions; operating system; light pen
Downloads: 179
[texts]Games for the Atari (1983)(Enrich)

Keywords: poke; lda; gosub; sta; goto; color; jsr; player; drawto; character set; data data; machine language; jsr print; starting address; horizontal position; display list; bit pattern; rem draw; memory location
Downloads: 179
[texts]Hackerbook for your Atari Computer (1983)(Enrich)

Keywords: lda; sta; equ; jsr; program; rts; atari; buffer; dfb; epz; lda sta; sta lda; bmi cerr; jsr print; jsr cio; bootable program; sta porta; jsr scrout; sta pactl; print dfb
Downloads: 177
[texts]Free Software for your Atari (1983)(Enrich)

Keywords: atari; computer; software; program; programs; terminal; president; bbs; modem; free; bulletin board; terminal software; atari computer; domain software; public domain; electronic bulletin; computer club; computer enthusiasts; free software; bbs ibm
Downloads: 175
[texts]Your Atari Comes Alive (1982)(Alpha Systems)

Keywords: data; pins; pin; display; voltage; joystick; computer; program; chapter; light; display list; light pen; machine language; joystick ports; antic chip; display memory; data selector; basic program; female socket; shift register
Downloads: 174
[texts]Atari Roots A Guide to Atari Assembly Language
Atari Roots A Guide to Atari Assembly Language
Keywords: program; atari; memory; assembly; language; address; binary; instruction; assembler; code; assembly language; machine language; memory address; source code; display list; atari assembler; object code; language program; carry bit; assembler editor
Downloads: 173
[texts]Atari 2600 TIA Technical Manual
Atari 2600 TIA Technical Manual
Keywords: horizontal; graphics; registers; output; serial; color; microprocessor; vertical; playfield; position counters; input ports; graphics registers; horizontal position; serial output; graphics register; control bits; shift counter; serial outputs; output pad
Downloads: 172
[texts]101 Atari Computer Programming Tips & Tricks (ARCSoft Publishers)

Keywords: print; program; goto; drawto; computer; screen; input; listing; atari; sprint; random number; coding form; program listing; gee whiz; print sprint; atari computer; basic coding; screen clear; clear screen; rem screen
Downloads: 170
[texts]Advanced Atari BASIC Tutorial
Advanced Atari BASIC Tutorial
Keywords: data; program; atari; string; print; basic; file; display; disk; atari basic; basic tutorial; advanced atari; display list; disk operations; display processor; screen data; disk system; atari dos; string handling
Downloads: 170
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